Testing new themes…

So, I’ve had this small problem where my old theme (“veryplaintxt”) has broken comments somehow.  I’m taking this opportunity to fiddle with themes and see which one works best.  Comment and tell me which one you like..

Live365 (“Adventures of Feedle’s INBOX!”)

In yesterday’s inbox, I find: Hello Archturiat, Earlier this year I purchased Live365 with the hopes of growing it into something great, but I’ll need help from stations like yours. The Live365 team has just started bringing stations back on […]

1 of 2: The Hardest Things to Have Ever Written…

This is the first of two articles that are completely disconnected from each other, but they’ve both been brewing for quite some time over the last month, so here they are… She’s gone. I’ve never been so sure of how […]

Today’s pet peeve…

Goddammit. So I’m playing with a lot of .. well, what can best be described as “Web 3.0” technologies: things like Chef, Docker, etc., and they all have one annoying thing in common. See, the “old UNIX way” traditionally dictates […]

FeedleCON 7 Update!

I’ve pushed up a Google Calendar of events for FeedleCON.  Please let me know which events you can come to by E-mailing me.  I’m still also taking suggestions/ideas/threats.

“Emergency” travel..

Just in case there’s a person out there that doesn’t read my Facebook and/or my Toob channel I’m making a quasi-emergency trip to Portland. At the moment I’m in this diner in the middle of Idaho eating the kind of […]

Update Coming!

Yeah, I’ve been a bit quiet. But, on the plus side, I got some doodads for my phone which should mean I can film a “what’s up with feedle” video with more regularity.. and it might even be in HDR […]

Can’t sleep snowflakes will eat me.

Complete side note. I’m beginning to understand a lot about myself lately (probably the result of the meditation demands of my new group). As much as I try not to show it, I have a lot of anxiety and pent-up […]