Contacting feedle …

There are many ways to contact feedle.

First off, I’m on a lot of different social networks, but I use Facebook the most. There’s also, and there’s even a page on Pinterest that I rarely use. I also have a LiveJournal, however it is in a perpetual state of arrested decay and exists solely as a historical artifact.

Here’s a short list of IM services I use, in order of likelihood of reaching me:

  • Google Talk/Jabber/Hangouts/WhateverTheFuckItsCalledThisWeek:
  • Slack:
  • Skype: feedlebom
    Note that I’m often logged in and “available”, but that doesn’t mean much. However, I’m open to chat, talk, and video if I’m here.
  • MSN / XBox Live
    Gamertag on XBox Live is “feedlebom”
  • Yahoo: who the hell uses Yahoo anymore?


I love to get weird mail. Letters, postcards, ‘zines, art-mail pieces… whatever you can legally stuff into the big blue box on the corner with the eagle on it. Or, for you Canadians, the big red one. Whatever your local analogue is. My address is:

Post Office Box 371893
Denver, CO 80237

Lastly, here’s a convenient form, which will E-mail me.

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