My apartment is at 8000 E 12th Ave. # 10-27 sandwiched in-between Denver’s Lowry and East Colfax neighborhoods.

The easiest and most straight forward way to get there is to take I-70/I-270 freeway to the “Central Park Blvd” exit, head south on Central Park Blvd. (towards, and past, the old Stapleton control tower) to 12th Ave.  It’s about 3 miles from the Interstates to 12th.   A quick right turn (so you are heading west) and a half-dozen blocks and you will see the entrance to Advenir at Lowry.

If you are “local”, head down Colfax and turn onto any street that begins with a “T” or a “U” between Quebec and Yosemite (“the East Colfax” area).  There are four such streets, and all lead to the complex.

Coming from the (not Denver) south, Google will likely route you via I-225 and have you exit at either Colfax or 6th Ave.  It’s sending you the fastest way, so have faith in the big G, yo.

Transit: I’m about four blocks from either Quebec St. or Colfax.  Route 73 on Quebec from the Central Park A-line station is the quickest, use the 12th Ave. stop.  You can also take the 15-Colfax bus and stop anywhere between Yosemite and Quebec (see above) and walk south.  I regularly take the 15 from the Colfax Ave. R-Line station in Aurora, it’s quite the busy bus.

PARKING UPDATE: My complex has gotten.. “anal” about parking.  As of this writing, you MUST have your license plate registered with the leasing office to park on the property.  Additionally, they will only allow lease-holders to register personally owned vehicles.  So, you will need to park on 12th Ave and walk.

If you are stopping for a short period, it is not unheard of for people to park in the cul-de-sac and unload: provided your vehicle is attended you shouldn’t be at risk of getting a ticket or a tow.

Notes about the Neighborhood

My immediate neighborhood is fairly working-class.  My apartment complex has lots of families with children.  The houses to the north is a predominately Hispanic neighborhood.. good Mexican (and Latin American food in general) can pretty much be had walking into any random restaurant.  Crime is not unheard of: East Colfax has had it’s fair share of problems over the years, but the neighborhood has been on an upward trend for a while.  There’s still a bit of street crime, so it’s best to keep to your business if you are wandering the actual street of East Colfax.  Smash and grabs are not uncommon: if it’s valuable, bring it inside or lock it in your trunk.  NEVER leave your car unlocked.

Lowry, to the south, is a redeveloped Air Force Base with (mostly) new housing and a shopping district.  Stapleton (to the north) is the site of Denver’s OLD airport, similarly redeveloped.  Stapleton has a much more diverse set of shopping: it has everything from a big-box mall on the south side of the freeway (Walmart, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, PetSmart, etc.) to a modern “mall” (although largely outdoor with a collection of big-boxes, smaller stores, and conventional department stores) on the north side (“Northfieid”).  Most of that is on Quebec Street.

Not far away in Aurora is the Stanley Marketplace.  There’s a lot of cool stuff there, and it is worth checking out if you have the time.

Traffic on Quebec Street sucks.  East Colfax is a choke point for Quebec: it’s a multi-lane divided highway in Stapleton, and a four-lane boulevard in Lowry.. that gets choked into a narrow two-lane road.  AVOID if you can.  Yosemite is a lot less traveled and goes most of the same places.  Monaco and 13th/14th can help you avoid the entire combined mess of Quebec and Colfax, although the latter isn’t too horrid in my immediate neighborhood.

Wings over the Rockies museum is a long walk from my apartment in Lowry.  I’m always up for a visit, BTW.