Hello, twitterverse!


Hey, and thanks for following the link from Twitter to my home page.  I assume that you’ve landed here because you’ve found my Twitter page, and are looking for more information about me.

In short, I’m a geek that lives in the Portland metro area.

Check out my LiveJournal at  You can also go to to read some of the other things that I’ve written over the years.

Special Note about “Serial Adders” and spammers…

If you “follow” me and I don’t know you, I’ll likely see if there’s some connection.  If there isn’t, you will be blocked.  If you appear to be a commercial entity, you will be blocked no questions asked.

I have no problem with commercial entities that I’m interested in “following” me.  However, you’ll know I’m interested if you see that I’ve already followed you.  If I haven’t followed you, I’m not interested.

In brief: if you are selling something, operating a twitter feed for some commercial interest, and/or have “followed” me not because you are/want to be a personal friend, you are not welcome here. I also think I speak for a lot of fellow twits when I say you aren’t welcome on twitter at all, please go die in a fire.

No, seriously.  Fuck off and die.

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