Hello, twitterverse!


Hey, and thanks for following the link from Twitter to my home page.  I assume that you’ve landed here because you’ve found my Twitter page, and are looking for more information about me.

In short, I’m a geek that lives in the Portland metro area.

Check out my LiveJournal at http://feedle.livejournal.com.  You can also go to http://feedle.net to read some of the other things that I’ve written over the years.

Special Note about “Serial Adders” and spammers…

If you “follow” me and I don’t know you, I’ll likely see if there’s some connection.  If there isn’t, you will be blocked.  If you appear to be a commercial entity, you will be blocked no questions asked.

I have no problem with commercial entities that I’m interested in “following” me.  However, you’ll know I’m interested if you see that I’ve already followed you.  If I haven’t followed you, I’m not interested.

In brief: if you are selling something, operating a twitter feed for some commercial interest, and/or have “followed” me not because you are/want to be a personal friend, you are not welcome here. I also think I speak for a lot of fellow twits when I say you aren’t welcome on twitter at all, please go die in a fire.

No, seriously.  Fuck off and die.

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