Travel Planning…

So here’s the tentative travel planning for the Denver trip.

Saturday I have plans to head to Kings Valley and deal with my old rig at the Faire site.

I want to leave Monday June 8th early in the AM and drive to Portland by way of Kings Valley. I need to pick up / drop off a few things in the storage unit in Milwaukie that will be later transported to Denver by moving van once I get settled somewhere.

From Portland I will be driving to Bend and taking care of a few things there on Tuesday morning. It would be awesome to visit a few old BendBroadband folks for lunch.. after that I plan on heading east towards Salt Lake City via US-20 and I-84. My goal is to get to at least Boise (if not the other side of Idaho entirely) by Tuesday nightfall.

Wednesday begins the ID/UT/WY segment of this journey, as I get past Salt Lake City around maybe lunchtime with the goal of Cheyenne by nightfall. There’s a few people I know in SLC: would be fun to meet up at the InNOut Burger in Ogden for lunch (that’s my plan).

Thursday is the final leg: Cheyenne to Denver. I may try to get all the way to DTC, but I will at least try to make it to the northern edge of the metro.

I haven’t made any hotel reservations for this trip mostly because I’ll be traveling in the VW (so theoretically I can just slumber in the back at a rest stop or campground).

So needs on this trip. I don’t have my cash relocation yet, and that will be waiting for me in Denver when I arrive. Anyone who can work out a personal loan for 30 days I’d appreciate it, and I’ll pay you back once I arrive in Denver and get money.

… and here’s to hoping that old beast makes it up the Rockies.

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