Travel plans update..

Ah, travel by the way of hospital.

So I’ve been sick on and off the past week. I don’t know what’s been causing it, but maybe stress or maybe nerves or maybe meds or the thought of the potatoes in Idaho eating me, I don’t know. in either case, I think today is the day I finally start on the road.

Today my plans are to stop over in Kings Valley and grab a few things out of the RV and get it ready for sale and/or disposal, probably after I stop over in Veneta and visit a certain little black kitty before I head out. Tonight I plan on being in Portland.

Monday I’m going to start taking it slow. I want to try to see if Halsey Automotive has a part I need for the van before I begin the long trek, and I’m still recovering from the dental surgery I had on Friday, so I need to take it as easy as possible. The plan was to meet a few folks for lunch in Bend Tuesday, and then start the long drive to Boise and pick up I-84.

From there, SLC to Cheyenne to Denver. We’ll post more updates as we go. Stay tuned to Twitter for live updates as I can.

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