Mile.. well I think it’s around 140.

Well I made it at least over the Pacific Crest, and I’m in Redmond. I forgot that in some ways I miss the desert, and it reminded me of why I felt the way I did when I came out here just a little over two years ago.  Just being out here makes me feel refreshed and healed. The trick is not staying here too long.

I have to pick up something to tie up a loose end, visit a mechanic shop and see if we can make the quick muffler repair I did in Portland a little more permanent and then tp cross the desert to points Potato.

I am making plans to come back as soon as I can, just FYI. With all the weird health stuff I’ve had the last week I’ve been focused on getting as much as I can healed so I can start my first day in.. well, six days now.  Things are going well and even with the challenges I’m looking to be on track.

Time for pain meds, good air conditioning, and a soft bed.  Lacking that the shower feels nice…

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