Well, ALMOST there, anyway.

I got to Loveland, CO, and proceeded to pretty much run out of personal energy for driving. I’m literally exhausted from arguing with a cranky old van for five tiring days and having to struggle to get a 30-year-old beast up and over the Continental Divide (technically, twice!).

But I’m here. I can rest. I can take the good pain meds and not worry that tomorrow I need to wake up early and bust out hundreds of miles. It’s a leisurely 50-ish miles to the area I’ll be staying in, and I’ll have friends to help me this last bit of the way should I get sick at that last minute.

Tomorrow is for planning to move things from Oregon, and adding friends (both furry and flesh-colored) who are coming along. I left a few loose ends, and I’m tying them up as we speak, so hopefully I’ll be able to get stuff here in Denver within a month, if all goes well.. maybe 2-3 if I have any difficulties finding a place.

Is there anyone who can help take Susan out to either Kings Valley or Veneta to pack up the last of my left-behind belongings in those towns? I can compensate for gas and buy you guys lunch. Somebody with access to a truck would be nice. Stuff will need to go in a temporary storage space in Eugene, which I have already arranged and paid for, so that will be taken care of, and then shipped to me in Denver automatically when the time comes.

For the curious, I’ll have final mileage and fuel consumption stats in a few hours. Right now I need to sleep for a little bit and see if I can make this headache disappear…

oh, hi, prescription pain medication. So glad to finally meet you after five days.

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