Mile.. *adds on fingers* 800-ish.

Well over half way there.  Didn’t quite make it as far as I wanted.. I’m on the outskirts of Salt Lake City.  I wanted to be on the WY side of the border, but we had some hiccups.

The exhaust pipe is cracked nearly in half at the manifold.  I think I can make it to Denver with the exhaust pipe partially secured and strapped, but it means I functionally don’t have a working muffler at all now.  Also, the crack seems to have happened at a sensor, so I suspect I’m not getting full fuel economy now.  I tried to apply a muffler patch to the break, but it didn’t last very long.  I may need to try the same technique once I can leave the patch in place overnight to allow for it to cure properly.

So I made it this far.  Only about 500-ish miles to go.  One day’s hard drive..

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