Time to go… home.

For as stoic as my internal self image can be I’m frighteningly volitile at times. I miss Portland.. and I miss friends I’m leaving behind. I silently cry sitting on a bench in front of a dear friend’s work, hoping she doesn’t see me in distress.

For as much as I know I needed to move on to thrive part of me clings to the hope I had when I moved to Portland all those years ago after my parents passed. This is a beautiful place, and one that forever wlll leave its mark.

I’ll be back in a few weeks, I know that. But it won’t be home anymore. Denver is my home now, and I need to get aboard this flight and go back, and ready my home for my kitten to be at my side and fall into a comfortable routine.

Portland, we will visit you October 2. Visit, but not to stay.

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