The Dumbest Bug Ever

Hey @publicstorage, pay attention.  This concerns you.

So while I was in Portland I kept typing the door code to one storage unit over and over and over again.  I’d check the online website, type the door code, and it wouldn’t work.  Dammit, I think, I can’t type or something today.  So I head into the office to confirm the gate code.

They wind up giving me a different gate code, which works.  OK, I think, I’m a dumbass, I’m reading it wrong or something.

Turns out there’s a nifty bug on their website.  Just try explaining this to people at their 800 number, who quickly turned me back to the local storage unit.  I’m hoping calling them out in public (‘scuse the pun) at least gets them to say “whups.”

So when you log in to your PS account and look at the summary, you see a screen like this:


The unit numbered with #F__1 has a gate code of 6XXX0, right?

Here’s the funny thing.  The facility there gave me a card with the #1XXXX4 gate code on it, for the #F__1 storage unit!  So, which one is it, guys?

So you click on a more detailed screen that shows everything about the units in more detail, including prices and what not.  That screen looks like this:


See the difference?  This screen shows the proper gate codes assigned to the right units.

Just try explaining this one over the phone.

So, good folks at Public Storage: FIX THIS, DAMMIT!

Update 17 Sept 2015: At about 5pm yesterday it looks like Public Storage replied…

Thanks for making us aware! We are looking into it.

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