The Death of a Salesman

(This is a post from my Facebook page, in response to a friend posting and writing this article on Occupy.Com.  I duplicated it here for hysterical raisins.)

I may know the face on this story, and it’s truly a fucked up situation. And just think as Sears implodes all the jobs that are just simply “going away” and not being replaced.

What’s likely worse is entire small towns are collapsing because of this. The real “middle class” leaves to the bigger city, leaving behind the lower classes to survive in the ashes. I’ve kind of seen it myself over the years in Wyoming, where once thriving small towns are dying because the retail jobs dry up.

And just think: Walmart is now experimenting with “Scan and Go”, which will eliminate the jobs of even the cashiers there. Combine that with “automatons” stocking the shelves and … you can probably run the Walmart of the future with a dozen employees or less.

Meanwhile, to have a “modern” standard of living, the poor must have power, gas, and a communications utility. They must own and operate a car (and all the costs that entails) and they can’t just simply “not pay insurance” because now in some states you can get jail time for non-compliance. Then we added health insurance to those costs, and provided very little in no-cost solutions.. and in a few states, even that didn’t happen due to Uptighty Righties.

If those watching want to know how I turned from a Libertarian to a Commie, this is it in a nutshell: we can’t live anymore with no money, and there simply aren’t enough unskilled jobs to fill. Even many trades and professional labor is being marginalized and “outsourced to India.”

Workers of the world, unite.

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