On Moving On …

September 28, 2019 will start another chapter in my life. For starters, I will no longer be an employee of Charter.

It’s been a good run, but a lot has changed in the 4+ years I’ve worked there. My health has reached a “new normal” plateau, and I don’t think I can hack a 9-5 desk-bound corporate job anymore. My mental health especially has suffered a lot lately, and having to continue working for a soulless megacorp and have my skills and intelligence waste away is not in anybody’s best interests, including mine.

Additionally, I’ve decided that my comrades at Solidarity House “need” my full attention. There’s plenty of meaningful work to be done. There’s podcasts to do. There’s the perpetual cycle of nailing up loose boards on a 140 year old house. There’s plumbing to fix, bathtubs to install, electric heaters to maintain, and a car that needs TLC.

But most importantly, we’ve found Our Tribe.

So regardless of what happens next, Angel has her sanctuary, I feel like I have my home, and Raven and Wallace have a soft spot to curl up in and sleep.

Winter is coming, so if you’ll excuse me, this Angel/Bear is gonna go get ready to hibernate.

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