Need some help…

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, financially.  Due to the good graces of a lot of my friends, I’ve managed to get enough money to get myself a decent apartment and keep the lights on while I wait for escrow to close on the house.

However, a few of the straggling little bills I have aren’t getting paid.  An example of that is my webhosting bill, which has been sitting unpaid for a couple of months now.

I would appreciate any donations you can provide to keep the webhosting running.  In addition to being where one can find my resume, it is also where I get E-mail and where my phone system is presently hosted.  Any amount will do.

You can make a donation using Dreamhosts’ system by clicking the image below.  Note that I never see your credit card number or anything.. this is all handled automatically through the webhosting system’s secure payment system.

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Alternatively, I get a pretty generous reward when people sign up to Dreamhost and use me as a referral.  If you enter the promo code “FEEDLE9” when you sign up, you’ll get a free domain registration!  Or, if you don’t want a free domain registration, just simply enter as your referrer and I’ll still get the credit.

Thanks for tolerating a little spam.

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