Why I voted “No” on Measure # 3-369

Here’s a little insight into the way my tiny little mind works.

There’s a local ordinance on the ballot here in Oregon City: Measure # 3-369. It concerns taking land presently used for a public park and converting it to use for a road alignment. The back-story involves a moderate-sized parcel of land owned by one of the local churches that could be developed into housing, if there was road access. Oregon City’s laws require any land deeded to the Park System can only be changed to other uses by public vote.

I voted “No.”

My reasons for voting “No” were quite simple. I opened up the ballot pamphlet, wanting to read arguments in favor or against, and saw no arguments either way.

In other words, it matters so little to anybody that nobody bothered to type up a few words for it in the ballot pamphlet.

So, guess what? If it matters that little, I guess it doesn’t need to happen.

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