Some clarification on phone numbers.

A few people seem to be a bit confused by this, so I want to make a couple of things clear.

The 503-564 number was a Google Voice number. It has been changed to a 503-451 number (although the 503-564 number will continue to work for three months, according to Google Voice). This is my primary contact number: it is the one most of you should be calling most of the time, and is suitable for release to others. As it is a Google Voice number, it can accept SMS text-only messages. It cannot accept multimedia. The Google Voice number rings every phone I have all the time.

The 503-442 number is my (primary) cell phone. While it can be called directly in certain situations, I consider it to be a number to be used only when expedience is required. Note that I tend to leave my cell phone in the car, or often go without charging it in the evening and it dies.

Note that I have at least three other phone numbers. As a rule, these are used sporadically and probably aren’t reliable. I try to not expose those numbers, but I sometimes forget and grab the “backup cell” and call people without routing the call through Google Voice. Yeah, it happens.

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