Made a few changes..

.. that probably won’t mean a hell of a lot to anybody here on the website.  If you really feel like you need to know, you can read more.

The first big change is that I’ve tweaked a lot of the backend stuff on here, so things should be faster and more responsive.  This also means that stuff is now cached, and that might have some reprecussions for those who use RSS readers to read my blog.  In the grand scheme of things, it probably won’t matter much, as I don’t think anybody really needs to be watching my ramblings on here “up to the nanosecond”.

Another thing I’ve been working on is to fully integrate the pictures site into the blog engine.  I’ve achieved 80% integration: what this effectively means is that I can inline pictures from the photo gallery seamlessly.  Eventually, you’ll be able to use the authentication here in WordPress to comment on pictures over in the gallery.

That would mean something if the authentication worked.  I guess I should fix that, huh (for those who don’t know: when I first set this blog up you could log in with Google and OpenID.. that’s been broken for some time).

Okay, I guess I should stop playing with my blog and actually go to my so-called job.

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