This is a telecom announcement.

First off, thanks to a lot of you beautiful, wonderful people  I’m back in some kind of financial position where things aren’t all screwed up.  You know who you are, and thank you.  Your help has gotten me to the point where I can get some of the things I need done without having to worry about digging out of a financial hole.

I also have a bit of a rant brewing about voice mail and how it is increasingly annoying.. so a few of you may notice some changes when you call me, including the fact that my phone will now ring more or less indefinitely if you are placed in a certain calling group.   This is not a bug, but a feature.. so if it happens to you it means I’m playing with my settings and not to worry.  If you really have to get ahold of me, just wait: or, if you can’t, send me a text and/or an E-Mail (as appropriate to your situation).

One thought on “This is a telecom announcement.

  1. Wish I could repay the favors you’ve done for me better. I still don’t have cash to spare but, you’re welcome to come over and use the hot tub here when you’d like. Just let me know. I could make us dinner and a nice soak. 🙂

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