Today’s rant.

Apple’s announcements yesterday? Color me unimpressed.

And another thing. All the analysts that are calling the Kindle Fire “not an iPad killer” are totally missing the point. If the Kindle Fire does 80% of what an iPad can do and costs 40% of the price, it is an iPad killer.

Just like Android hasn’t been an iPhone killer.

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3 thoughts on “Today’s rant.

    • It remains to be seen how much of a benefit that is. If my experiences on my EVO 4G and nooted Nook Color is any indication, a lot of Flash just doesn’t run well enough on a small platform to be useful.

      Steve Jobs was right, to some degree. Flash is not a mobile-friendly platform, and Flash Lite is very reminiscent of Microsoft’s early attempts at Windows CE. Shoehorning a desktop technology into a small space doesn’t work nearly as well as developing something from the ground-up for the platform.

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