As I look out my window out in to a frostbitten forest here in Oregon, my spirit feels as cold as the landscape.

It seems strangely appropriate that a magical woman, who’s life began three days after Beltane in 1947 departs this world 64 years later at Yule.  Winter has chosen Her Sacrifice, and this year it is one of our own.  Our beloved High Priestess, friend and confidante, lover to some and mother to many, and to all of us known as simply Celeste, passed on at 11:04pm December 21, 2011 after suffering what appears to be a severe brain hemorrhage earlier in the day.

Words cannot describe my feelings as one of the Elders of our small tribe.  Anything I can say to you will be mere words to fill an empty hole left by the sudden departure of a dear friend.

Celeste lived her life in service to not just our Lord and Lady, but in service to each and every one of us.  The light of our dearest Star is now no longer living amongst us, but it is not (and should never be) gone from this world.  We all have the ability to bring Celeste forward in service to our God and our Goddess.. and most importantly to each other and every other being in this Universe.

As long as we remember our Star and High Priestess, and strive to dedicate ourselves to her memory, her bright spark will continue to glow.  She will continue to live through us, and her love for each of us can never be taken.


-Archturiat “Tristan Angelchild”
High Priest, Starlight Covenant

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