It doesn’t mean shit.

You want to stop the RIAA and MPAA? It’s really this simple.

Stop buying RIAA-produced music. Stop buying movie tickets to MPAA-produced movies. Stop supporting the content industry in general, who produces vapid mind-rotting “culture” and abuses artists and technical people alike.

10% of us doing this would do more to hurt the industry than if every website opposing SOPA/PIPA went dark for a month.

5 thoughts on “It doesn’t mean shit.

  1. It’s not actually really that simple. You may not like mind rot, but it seems a lot of people do. The number of people who now brush their teeth with bottles of Jack would depress you. I think that they can do without 10% of their customers; if only 5% of Americans consume any given media, it’s considered a roaring success. I think.

    • That’s actually my point. Turning the entire web black won’t do anything. Most Americans won’t notice.

      However, 10% loss of revenue WOULD be noticed by the RIAA/MPAA.

      My point is simply if what the RIAA/MPAA does pisses the Digerati off soooo darn much, why do they continue to purchase music from major labels and go see movies? At best, if you don’t vote with your feet, you’re never going to make any progress.

      FYI: We’re practically neighbors now. I live in Four Seasons at the moment.. 🙂

      • Oh really? We should get pizza again.

        I don’t like SOPA/PIPA, but I think that their passing might actually invalidate a scapegoat for the MPAA at least. If they released a film called Rubik’s Cube: The Movie in 3D at an uncomfortable theater with $20 popcorn, they’d blame the lack of customers on piracy.

  2. Very well put. We can only make a real difference at this point with our $$$ and our choices. Most content now is pure garbage (Star Wars fan here – just look at the current state of the franchise. Besides, Lucas says it’s all my fault anyway!) True talent and artistry is subdued and mediocrity is the new superiority. Unfortunately, most people either don’t care or don’t WANT to care because it would mean a lifestyle change – and that is absolute horror to most people (baaa-baaa). Anyway – when did you like in Bakersfield? I have lived there a few times but spent mostly from 1975 until 1992 there. I went to Washington Jr High and EBHS. Just curious. Have a great day!

    • I lived in Bakersfield for a couple of years: most recently in 1998. I have distant family outside Shafter that I visit on occasion, and a couple of friends. When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of my summers on the “family farm” (in the aforementioned “outside Shafter” location).

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