We often become what we hate the most.

As a geek, I’ve been a victim of bullying in my life. Anybody who’s a little bit different has been subjected to this. In my case, it was my advanced development and intelligence that set me apart from my peers.

The upside to being a victim of bullying is it makes one acutely aware of situations where somebody in a position of power uses that power inappropriately.

On Tuesday, mc chris ejected a fan from his concert in Philadelphia after the fan posted a critical (but in the grand scheme of things, mild) comment about his opening act. He publicly called out the person in the middle of the concert, using his real name, and had security remove him from the venue.

When one person uses their position of power (be it physical or situational) to embarrass somebody and cause emotional harm, that’s bullying. A person expressing their opinion about an opening act? Not bullying. Calling that person out, in public, in a crowded room (where there’s a concern for that person’s physical safety) and using your thugs to eject him from the facility? That’s bullying.

“Real nerds” take criticism. “Real nerds” know how it feels to be singled out because you are different. “Real nerds” talk to each other to work out their differences and problems.

The gentleman you ejected is a real nerd. He owned up to it, and left the venue without much of a fuss.

I’ve got a better word for you, mc chris. “Child.”

“Children” throw temper tantrums when things don’t go their way. “Children” seek sympathy when punished for their crimes, rather than own up to it. “Children” cry when they’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

And you, sir, are a contemptible, immature brat who needs a spanking. Geek culture gave you one. Suck it up, stop crying, and make real changes.

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