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Why I’m actively buying a bottle of Stoli

I don’t drink vodka. I’m not a fan of it at all. I’m also not a fan of Dan Savage. And, yet.. today, I’m going to stop by the liquor store and pick up a bottle of Stoli vodka. Maybe I’ll pick up one of those funky fruit-flavored ones so I can actually maybe drink […]

It doesn’t mean shit.

You want to stop the RIAA and MPAA? It’s really this simple. Stop buying RIAA-produced music. Stop buying movie tickets to MPAA-produced movies. Stop supporting the content industry in general, who produces vapid mind-rotting “culture” and abuses artists and technical people alike. 10% of us doing this would do more to hurt the industry than […]

Occupy? My ass.

I really want to be wrong with where I’m going with this entry.  However, I fear that I am more correct than even I realize. Let me start by saying I in principal agree with most of the points that seem to be proffered by many of those protesting in our nation’s cities.  I’m heartened […]

Why Steve Jobs does not matter.

Steve Jobs is stepping down from Apple as CEO. He will be continuing on as Chairman. The news media has gone crazy over “OMG, what will happen now?” Very little, in reality.  And it shows just how stupid a lot of people are about how all companies, even Apple, are run. Yes, unlike most CEOs, […]

As above, so below.

I really don’t have much of a developed opinion over the verbal free-for-all presently going on in the pagan comminity over PantheaCon.  But, I do have this observation. Any group that excludes based upon factors that do not take into account the holistic individual are doomed to exactly this sort of failure.  If, as Z. […]

And now back to our regularly scheduled inanity…

This is a slightly edited comment I made on a friend’s LJ about people who edit themselves on Facebook, so they won’t offend people. I felt it was a bit insightful, and stands alone as an interesting commentary. I tend to tweet a lot regardless of the appropriateness of my comments. For me, that’s part […]

Yes, folks, it literally is this bad.

This is so completely asinine that I have to pass this along unedited. I’m quite literally.. gobsmacked This item is from a mailing list I subscribe to regarding privacy issues.  For those who have some interest in the subject, it’s a great list to be on, and you should subscribe posthaste.  Lauren is quite a […]


I have only one question for people who feel WikiLeaks is doing a disservice and is “dangerous.” If “Democracy” is defined as a free and open society, by which every member of society has a voice, how can a “Democracy” have secrets it keeps from its citizenry? How can Truth ever be harmful to a […]

More on airport security

Security expert (and all around good guy) Bruce Schneier has posted a laundry list of complaints and such regarding the TSA nonsense. One thing that struck me on his analysis was the following quote: A typical dental X-ray exposes the patient to about 2 millirems of radiation. According to one widely cited estimate, exposing each […]

The fact I had to ask is even scarier.

Official statement from my MD after consulting a radiological medicine specialist about backscatter X-ray scanners and my … um … “previous exposure”: “Next time you travel, we’d like you to carry a dosimeter and record daily exposure both on days you travel and days you don’t. A single trip’s exposure probably won’t make much of […]