CFPeople: 2011 Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

OK all.  I’m going to spam a few specific people who had expressed interest, but I also wanted to post this publicly as well.

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire in Kings Valley, Oregon is September 10-11, 2011, and I need your help!

Last year, I inherited a rough job: I became the Guildmaster Pro Tempore of the Artyfactors’ Guild.  We’re the guild that is responsible for the Faire getting built. We also do a bunch of other neat things, including operating the Water Dragon Maze, and this year a few little surprises which will be announced later..

All in all, it’s a wonderfully fun job.  We have a good time playing with power tools for pre-faire/post-faire.  We get to chase kids around the maze during Faire.  We get to camp out at Faire site, and trust me: there’s no better experience than being at a Faire site after we kick the patrons out.

I NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS.  I’m working on filling out my daily schedule for all the tasks that need to be performed, and I’m running very short on manpower I can depend upon.  I know there’s a lot of wonderful people in my friendship circle who’ve never been to a Renaissance Faire, but might be interested in going.  What better way to come to a Renaissance Faire than as a volunteer?  You’ll get the total behind-the-scenes experience.  You’ll be living, at least for 48 hours, in an Elizabethan English village with colorful people.  You’ll be able to know that you had a hand in creating an experience for the general public: by your very presence!

There are a few rules.  We will need to get you a reasonably period costume, if you don’t have one already.  That we can arrange.  We’ll also need to get you to Kings Valley, Oregon.  That we can also likely arrange with carpooling, if you live in or around the Portland Metro (or can get there) to Corvallis.  If you have a sleeping bag, we can arrange a tent for you to share with others (the Artyfactors have a guild hall behind the scenes).

There will be food.  There will be fellowship.  I can also guarantee a lifetime of memories.  Volunteering for Shrewsbury has been one of the highlights of my life, and one that I can’t wait to share with you.  If you have physical limitations, we still have jobs that need to be done.  If you think you can’t, believe me .. you can.

Call me ASAP at 503-451-0714, and we’ll get your adventure started.

Weapons of war

Okay, so we watched the Canadian documentary movie “Stupidity” here at the house today, and we were all gobsmacked by a little snippet of what looked like an old propaganda film, that appeared to contain this line:

"... each new scientific development in the weapons of war presents a new challenge. But the people of Portland, through working together, are ready."

Am I hearing this quote right? And does anybody have any idea what film this is from? File is here: