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This is a telecom announcement..

I know the wiki is down. Will work on a solution after business hours tonight. I may move the wiki to something co-hosted as part of WordPress.

Today’s recreational electronics project.

CFPeople: 2011 Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

OK all.  I’m going to spam a few specific people who had expressed interest, but I also wanted to post this publicly as well. Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire in Kings Valley, Oregon is September 10-11, 2011, and I need your help! Last year, I inherited a rough job: I became the Guildmaster Pro Tempore of the […]

Old printer..

Remember when MICR was cool?

Weapons of war

Okay, so we watched the Canadian documentary movie “Stupidity” here at the house today, and we were all gobsmacked by a little snippet of what looked like an old propaganda film, that appeared to contain this line: “… each new scientific development in the weapons of war presents a new challenge. But the people of […]