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To all Non-Christians: We Won the War on Christmas.

When you think about it, it’s almost comical, because we’re not even aware we won. “But wait,” I hear you cry, “how can you say we won when Christmas is everywhere.. starting from Halloween until .. well, Christmas Day!” That’s […]

Why Steve Jobs does not matter.

Steve Jobs is stepping down from Apple as CEO. He will be continuing on as Chairman. The news media has gone crazy over “OMG, what will happen now?” Very little, in reality.  And it shows just how stupid a lot […]

Party at the 7-Eleven…

What is it about the 7-Eleven stores in Seattle? Okay, an admission.  I probably spend way too much money in 7-Eleven stores in general.  I’m found inside one purchasing snacks, soda, and/or XBOX Points at least four times per week. […]

Ham radio…

There was a story on Slashdot about selling off a chunk of radio spectrum that amateur radio uses as “secondary users”. The usual arguments back and forth were had, including somebody trotting out the old standby of ham radio will […]

As above, so below.

I really don’t have much of a developed opinion over the verbal free-for-all presently going on in the pagan comminity over PantheaCon.  But, I do have this observation. Any group that excludes based upon factors that do not take into […]

Privilege Escalation…

I’m noticing an odd trend on Android applications. Increasingly, applications are asking for more and more “privileges”. Today, CBS’ TV.COM application is asking for “audio record” capabilities on the latest upgrade. Um… okay. What? You want me to allow your […]

Sometimes spam borders on poetry.

To wit, the following comment spam (the URLs attached to the comment were for something completely unrelated): Often the willingness of the Sport utility vechicals into Native american indian is definitely increasing day-to-day. Attempt so much needs to have, Honda […]


I admire Summertime, my cat. Yesterday, she managed to catch and kill a mouse that I knew had been scurrying about in my apartment.  And, as I was cleaning up the mess of blood and bone on my kitchen floor, […]