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Multi-login should work now..

Can somebody log in and post a comment to this (on, not at Twitter and Facebook) logging in to one of their social network accounts?

Got to love the guys at GoWesty…

So it looks like the guys at GoWesty have my part for my exhaust. I’m still going to need to fix the bit on the chassis it mounts to, but at least I know $100 and an hour of elbow grease will get the Bismarck running legal again.

Coffee time..

Now if I could only find a Stumptown..

Departing Rawlins..

220 miles to go..

VW exhaust: exhausted.

Well I made it to just outside Rawlins WY before all the attempts to repair the exhaust system just won’t hold it up anymore. I’m going to bailing wire together what I can to limp into town and lick my wounds.   The Bismarck is taking on water, captain.

Mile 947..

Where the hell ELSE can I stop in the middle of Wyoming?

Checkpoint Idaho..

Will post more when I stop in Boise for the night…

Mile 162..

So I may have actually picked a good day for travel across the desert. It started raining once I hit Bend. Food, then East!

Mile.. well I guess -18?

So I made it to the outskirts of Portland. Right now I’m at the rest stop outside Wilsonville, there’s an accident on I-5 just north of here so I’m stopping to rest. Still not feeling 100%, and I ran into a little.. mechanical problem that hastened my arrival here. I need to stop by a […]

Hello world. Again.

So, I’ve moved my website from a very old server to something new.  I’m still working on getting all the stuff working, so please bear with me while I work through the next few days migrating the old stuff over. There might be a few broken links and jpegs.  Will fix them as I have […]