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Generic update is generic…

So, just a generic update. The Oregon number (503-451-0714) got seperated from the Google Voice account I use day to day, for reasons. If you have a (720) number for me, you have the current phone number that’s tied to […]

Made a few changes..

.. that probably won’t mean a hell of a lot to anybody here on the website.  If you really feel like you need to know, you can read more.

Some clarification on phone numbers.

A few people seem to be a bit confused by this, so I want to make a couple of things clear. The 503-564 number was a Google Voice number. It has been changed to a 503-451 number (although the 503-564 […]

Website changes…

Okay, I’ve made some website changes. That can only mean one thing: yes, I’ve gotten a wild hair up my butt again, and I’m working on probably cutting from LiveJournal back to running my own website..


So, I’ve been working on setting up the ham radio station.  This is what it looks like at present. Density.