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Update Coming!

Yeah, I’ve been a bit quiet. But, on the plus side, I got some doodads for my phone which should mean I can film a “what’s up with feedle” video with more regularity.. and it might even be in HDR 4K, if you can believe that..

91.x.x.x/8 is banned.

I just spent a piece of my (very beautiful in Denver, tankuveddymuch) morning cleaning up after a r0dent hammered the hell out of’s webserver and brought a few things down. I don’t know if it was a DDoS targeted specifically at me, or at my hosting provider in general (it’s worth noting none of […]

Administrivia for the day…

So, I turned on requiring some sort of registration to comment. But I also turned on the ability to log in to Google+, Facebook, and a whole host of other services. Is there someone that can test these features and let me know it works?