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The Real Reason I’m For $15/hour

It’s no secret to anybody who hangs around me that I’m for the $15/hour minimum wage. But you may not understand all the reasons I’m for it. It may not be why you think. I truly believe in the concept of The Singularity. We are approaching a society whereby people don’t actually “need” to work […]

No, you don’t need an app for that.

App fatigue. It’s a real problem, and something that’s beginning to even rub me the wrong way. Every place has an app. The convenience store has one. My grocery store has one. My credit card has one. My bank has one. Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and the kiosk on the corner has one The pretzel kiosk […]

Fuck UPS (both the verb and a noun…)

Sometimes you can do nothing wrong, customer service wise, and still lose a customer. Thus is my saga with PillPack. It all begins when my employer rather abruptly a few months back stopped allowing us to ship personal packages to work. Up until that point I was getting my medications largely from PillPack, and generally […]

I miss Fred Meyer..

It’s times like this I’m going to miss Fred Meyer. I need a “jeweler’s” screwdriver set, a box of shelf-stable half-and-half, and deodorant. Where am I supposed to go that isn’t Walmart?

How to upgrade your phone without upgrading..

So one of the nice things about the Otterbox cases is even the “less rugged” ones like the Commuter still do a fantastic job of keeping the phone encased in a protective blanket of rubber and plastic. I picked up a new Otterbox Defender for my Galaxy Note II, put in a new battery and […]

Why I’m bear-ish on Bitcoin

OK, this has come around again, so I guess I need to actually fill a few of you in on something. I hate to be the one to break this to you. But, Bitcoin isn’t going to ever achieve any kind of mass success. There’s no conspiracy theory, no “big banks are keeping it down, […]

Urban Planning and the bourgeois tourist, or “Oh hell, how did I miss that?”

So, I have this friend James. James and I would, when we both lived together in Southern California, get in his Toyota pickup and drive to all sorts of weird remote places.. ostensibly to look for telephone company related crap (a lot of which is now gone). One of the side effects of this extensive […]

One Million Moms vs. the other Three Hundred Million Americans

One Million Moms is at it again against JCPenney. And it would be humorous, if it wasn’t so sad. JCPenney, like most middle-class focused retailers, has been watching their classic demographic wither and die. They’ve already watched as many of their contemporaries.. once proud national retailers like Montgomery Ward.. and regional retailers like Mervyn’s.. have […]

I’m going somewhere with this…

Blu-Ray will go down in history as the last successful mass-market media distribution format. From here on out, all distribution of content will be via Internet. It’s largely a generational thing, really. Most kids (up to people in their early 30’s, generally) seem to be pretty comfortable with electronic delivery of their content. They’re perfectly […]

It doesn’t mean shit.

You want to stop the RIAA and MPAA? It’s really this simple. Stop buying RIAA-produced music. Stop buying movie tickets to MPAA-produced movies. Stop supporting the content industry in general, who produces vapid mind-rotting “culture” and abuses artists and technical people alike. 10% of us doing this would do more to hurt the industry than […]