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A year ago I began this adventure… I loaded up a few things I care about into my VW and started driving to Denver. If Google Location History is accurate, about this time exactly I was rumbling across the Oregon Desert and getting ready for the potatoes to not eat me. It’s been a strange […]

Well, ALMOST there, anyway.

I got to Loveland, CO, and proceeded to pretty much run out of personal energy for driving. I’m literally exhausted from arguing with a cranky old van for five tiring days and having to struggle to get a 30-year-old beast up and over the Continental Divide (technically, twice!). But I’m here. I can rest. I […]

In Rawlins WY.

I’ve popped off the entire exhaust assembly and have tossed it into the back of the van. I’m going to spend the night here and get some rest even though I’m way shy of where I wanted to be this evening. But now that I’ve completely removed the sagging tailpipe I should be able to […]

Mile.. *adds on fingers* 800-ish.

Well over half way there.  Didn’t quite make it as far as I wanted.. I’m on the outskirts of Salt Lake City.  I wanted to be on the WY side of the border, but we had some hiccups. The exhaust pipe is cracked nearly in half at the manifold.  I think I can make it […]

Mile 482? Can’t math today.

Made it to Boise. The heat sucked yesterday. I feel a little sick but I’m going to press on this morning. I’ll feel a lot better if I cross the WY/UT State Line. When did Idaho up the speed limit to 80? At no point did I feel more German in my entire life: I […]

Muffler update..

So my temporary muffler fix is holding in place and it looks like I’ll make it at least through the next leg of my journey. I will need to do a more permanent solution to the van’s long standing issues.. even a maybe “final solution” if you will.  It may be right time to rethink […]

I gotta cross the Great Basin on the hottest day…

I guess I could have chosen to do this in August, but blimey, it’s hot even here in Bend.

Mile.. well I think it’s around 140.

Well I made it at least over the Pacific Crest, and I’m in Redmond. I forgot that in some ways I miss the desert, and it reminded me of why I felt the way I did when I came out here just a little over two years ago.  Just being out here makes me feel […]

Mile 1?

Muffler is falling off.. uh oh.

Mile 0.

So today’s travel agenda is to get the van checked out for journeying.  I’m also taking the opportunity to visit a few people and take care of some last minute business in Portland.  Depending on heat I expect to head down to KV and then east to Bend.  It’s supposed to be another miserable hot […]