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Update Coming!

Yeah, I’ve been a bit quiet. But, on the plus side, I got some doodads for my phone which should mean I can film a “what’s up with feedle” video with more regularity.. and it might even be in HDR 4K, if you can believe that..

Generic update is generic…

So, just a generic update. The Oregon number (503-451-0714) got seperated from the Google Voice account I use day to day, for reasons. If you have a (720) number for me, you have the current phone number that’s tied to my Google Voice/Hangouts that actually will ring me phones. If you don’t have the (720) […]

This is a telecom announcement..

I know the wiki is down. Will work on a solution after business hours tonight. I may move the wiki to something co-hosted as part of WordPress.

Goodbye, and hello.

Angel has left the building. Something has happened to me the past week. I’m not 100% sure exactly when it happened, to be precise. Maybe it happened when I went to Denver for the job interview and realized my life was about to get very interesting. Maybe it happened that fateful day I heard that […]

So, there was this time I went bowling..

This post is mostly just an FYI, for the 1% of the population that doesn’t know this. On February 28th, I went to the Emergency Room unable to catch my breath after playing a couple of games of 10-pin down at the local bowling alley.  On March 2, I had a quadruple heart bypass.  I […]

I’m currently migrating from the old Gallery site to the new one. If you need the old site for some reason while I’m doing this, it’s at “” (yes, I know that’s counterintuitive).

Warning: deep geeking follows…

So, I moved my personal website off of Dreamhost. It’s been kinda frustrating dealing with some of the issues.. the general slowness, the stuff simply “not working”.. and just general frustrations with shared webhosting. The time has come..


Yes, I changed the template on the site. Deal with the retroness.

I have written so little, so now I will write too much.

I’ve so been neglecting not only my public journal here, but my private one as well.  So, here goes a long laundry list of things.  I will apologize in advance if some of this is “too much information” in advance.  I have a lot on my mind, and over the next couple of weeks I’m […]

Desert rain, and winter pains.

I miss living in the desert. Spring appears to have arrived in Bend.  I’ve only lived here a few weeks and I can already identify the shift in the weather.  In fairly short order, the snow has turned to rain, and the rain has a.. dryness to it that reminds me of the monsoon rains […]