FeedleCON 2.0: Killer App

Yes, there will be a FeedleCON 2.0.

Confirmed scheduled for April 3-5, 2009.  Book your flights and hotel!  Oh, wait, hotel?

This year we will be holding it a little early.  Sakuracon will be April 10-13th, and Chi and I plan on attending.  There will be some kind of birthday thing April 10th in Seattle, likely at the Con. A "FeedleCON Lite", as it were.


FeedleCON is a three day collection of activities with the intent of celebrating my birthday (which is April 10th).  Think of it as a three-day-long party.  Or, three single-day long parties targeting different groups of friends.  Come one day, come one hour, come all three days.

This year we're thinking of dividing the days into different activities.   Unlike last year, we're actually going to plan things a little better, and hopefully have more fun things to do that will actually happen (yeah, sorry about the sloppy organizing last year, I kinda ran out of gas right before).

Here is something of a tentative schedule.

FRIDAY: Friday is a LAN PARTY!  Starting at 5:00pm, we'll be playing HALO 2 and other local network games until our fingers fall off!  Bring an XBOX, XBOX360, or Windows PC capable of playing HALO!


12:00: BBQ!  We'll be firing up the grill and doing a good-old-fashioned BBQ.  Games, fun, etc.

4:00pm: GEEK OUT! Still up in the air exactly what this will entail.  Probably some ham radio related stuff.

8:00pm: Evening by the fire.  I'm hoping we can do various occult stuff.. a seance maybe?


12:00n: Chinese Garden Lunch

4:00pm: the FuFF: "Fucked up Film Festival"






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