FeedleCON 4: Legacy

FeedleCON is a four day collection of activities with the intent of celebrating my birthday (which is April 10th). Think of it as a four-day-long party. Or, four single-day long parties targeting different groups of friends. Come one day, come one hour, come all four days until you’re absolutely sick of seeing my dumb face.

FeedleCON 4: Legacy will be April 8-11, 2011 at various places in Portland.  Just like last year, except without the house stuff. Because I don’t have a house.


I’ve added something a little different. This year, let’s all try to dress alike, and freak out the normals! I’ve added to the calendar the “dress code” for the day. If you need some help and/or pointers, make a comment below.

For planning purposes:

We will be spending most of Saturday within downtown Portland. Friday’s activities will likely require transportation away from the TriMet network. Sunday’s activities will be in the environs of Oregon City.

Those who are traveling from out of town may wish to consider staying at the Best Western RIvershore Hotel if you want a full-service hotel experience. It is a long walk from my apartment, and on public transit to downtown. Budget hotel accomodations are a bit scarcer in my neck of the woods, but if you are just considering coming to the downtown events there is a Motel 6 near the Oregon Convention Center that is centrally located and inexpensive.

A note about RSVP’ing for events: PLEASE drop me a note if you plan on attending any of the events so I can make appropriate plans.  For some things, an RSVP is absolutely REQUIRED.  Also, there’s a Twitter feed: follow @feedlecon on Twitter so you can get updates day-of-event should things change.


Here’s a Google Calendar for events.


There will be a geek day, goddammit, if I’ve got to use handcuffs on people. (Sunday?)

Another event suggestion was for the glow-in-the-dark minigolf place downtown on Friday..

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