There’s really not much to say about this, other than to say that this is yet another one of those URL shortening thingees.  This one is just provided by me on my own fedl.info domain.  Yeah, fedl.info isn’t as short as, say bit.ly or any one of the others, but given that it’ll just have URLs I want to share, two to three digit URLs after that may make it shorter in the long run.  Plus, I’m real big on hosting my own services whenever possible and not depending on other “free” vendors that may go away at a moment’s notice.

If you came here following a fedl.info short URL and were wondering what the deal is, that’s the scoop.

Note that a password is required to create short URLs.  Eventually, I hope to integrate the URL shortening server into my “Backstage Pass” system, which never gets very far off the ground.. so don’t hold your breath.

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