I seem to collect WRT54G-series routers.

So, here’s the deal.  For a small price (starting at $25+shipping/handling), you can have yourself a WRT54G, with DD-WRT installed and optionally configured.

$25.00: WRT54G minimal config, typically a 8/2 model, with DD-WRT micro or mini installed.

$35.00: WRT54G “enhanced” config: typically a 16/4 model with DD-WRT Standard (or, at your request, VoIP) installed.

$55.00: WRT54GS “ultimate” config: a 32/8 model with DD-WRT Mega installed

$10:00: optional base configuration

-$15.00: trade-in option (send me a working WRT54G/GS/GL for a $15.00 credit)

$120.00: Custom mods (SD slot, USB hack, etc.: ask me for details)

All come with a DOA warranty.  A power supply is NOT included: you will need to purchase your own 12VDC power supply at RadioShack for around $25.00 (I recommend the RadioShack 273-1775 with a “Type M” AdaptaPlug). This keeps the shipping costs down: the power bricks for these routers could easily add $5-10 to the shipping costs alone.  Alternatively, since the WRT54G uses 12VDC, you can connect it to a common 12V supply, like I do.

But what can you do with DD-WRT that you can’t do with the stock firmware?

All kinds of neat stuff.  The “mini” and “micro” builds include support for VLAN tagging, Dynamic DNS via services like DynDNS.org, a SPI firewall, bandwidth usage monitoring, IPv6 support, and advanced wireless features (although the latter two aren’t for the faint of heart).  The Standard build has support for NoCat and MS-PPTP, Kai console gaming, and ChiliSpot hotspot support.  The VoIP and VPN builds take out some features, but add in features like a B2BUA/VoIP proxy and an OpenVPN client, respectively.  The “Mega” build contains all that, and a bag of chips.  See this chart for more information on what the versions contain.

Plus, if you buy a router from me, I’ll support you as best I can by phone and E-mail for the lifetime of the router.

Contact me for more information.  Also, custom configurations available: talk to me for a price quote.

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