Travel Planning…

So here’s the tentative travel planning for the Denver trip.

Saturday I have plans to head to Kings Valley and deal with my old rig at the Faire site.

I want to leave Monday June 8th early in the AM and drive to Portland by way of Kings Valley. I need to pick up / drop off a few things in the storage unit in Milwaukie that will be later transported to Denver by moving van once I get settled somewhere.

From Portland I will be driving to Bend and taking care of a few things there on Tuesday morning. It would be awesome to visit a few old BendBroadband folks for lunch.. after that I plan on heading east towards Salt Lake City via US-20 and I-84. My goal is to get to at least Boise (if not the other side of Idaho entirely) by Tuesday nightfall.

Wednesday begins the ID/UT/WY segment of this journey, as I get past Salt Lake City around maybe lunchtime with the goal of Cheyenne by nightfall. There’s a few people I know in SLC: would be fun to meet up at the InNOut Burger in Ogden for lunch (that’s my plan).

Thursday is the final leg: Cheyenne to Denver. I may try to get all the way to DTC, but I will at least try to make it to the northern edge of the metro.

I haven’t made any hotel reservations for this trip mostly because I’ll be traveling in the VW (so theoretically I can just slumber in the back at a rest stop or campground).

So needs on this trip. I don’t have my cash relocation yet, and that will be waiting for me in Denver when I arrive. Anyone who can work out a personal loan for 30 days I’d appreciate it, and I’ll pay you back once I arrive in Denver and get money.

… and here’s to hoping that old beast makes it up the Rockies.

Desert rain, and winter pains.

I miss living in the desert.

Spring appears to have arrived in Bend.  I’ve only lived here a few weeks and I can already identify the shift in the weather.  In fairly short order, the snow has turned to rain, and the rain has a.. dryness to it that reminds me of the monsoon rains in the Mojave and Sonora deserts.

It smells a little like home.  And it’s comforting.

I’m now surrounded by the odor of a desert coming alive.  This smell is quite different from the odor of the past three weeks.  It’s not as “cold” (even though the temperature still hovers around freezing at night).  It’s inviting.  It’s earthy.  It invited me to get out of my car in the middle of the desert today (some 40 miles east of downtown Bend) to experience the rain.

A lot of pain from the Long Winter I just lived through was washed away today.  Spring is finally here again.