Hat etiquette

Does nobody understand proper hat etiquette anymore?

Okay, I know this is a convention, and people are dressed in costumes. However, we’re supposed to be in the Victorian age (or at least in a retro-future world rooted in Victorian ideals). We’re supposed to act that way.

The biggest violations? Last night at the Cabaret. It’s theatre, dammit: MEN ARE SUPPOSED TO REMOVE THEIR HATS WHEN IN A THEATRE. Or a restaurant. Or, for that matter, any “intimate” interior space (generally speaking, one can leave their hat on in corridors and large open indoor spaces, such as a lobby or arcade). In addition to the “remove your hats when you are indoors” rule, it’s also polite to those who are sitting behind you.

Another big violation: the “lady in a lift” rule. If you are in an elevator and a lady boards, take it off, dammit.

Lastly, and this is another one that gets under my skin, is failing to remove your hat at the dining table. And for crying out loud, when you do remove your hat, you don’t put it on the table.

Come on, people. We’re supposed to be demonstrating ideals from a more “enlightened” and gentler age. Let’s act like it by using the manners incumbent on the era we’re playing.

Quick Note from Steamcon…

Just a quick note from Steamcon II. Having a great time..

There’s an awful lot of really cool costume bits here. Norma and I are both taking a lot of pictures, I’ll post some a little later.

I also had a great opportunity to have a ferrotype made. The conditions weren’t the greatest for the photographer.. it is really cold, and the beautiful interior space of the SeaTac Airport Marriott apparently has UV blocking windows (ferrotypes typically need a lot of blue and UV light).

Also went to a panel this morning with Jake Von Slatt. He’s the guy who makes all the interesting keyboards and stuff. I took video, I’ll be posting that to YouTube a bit later.

Okay, off to find Norma and get some lunch..