Mile.. well I think it’s around 140.

Well I made it at least over the Pacific Crest, and I’m in Redmond. I forgot that in some ways I miss the desert, and it reminded me of why I felt the way I did when I came out here just a little over two years ago.  Just being out here makes me feel refreshed and healed. The trick is not staying here too long.

I have to pick up something to tie up a loose end, visit a mechanic shop and see if we can make the quick muffler repair I did in Portland a little more permanent and then tp cross the desert to points Potato.

I am making plans to come back as soon as I can, just FYI. With all the weird health stuff I’ve had the last week I’ve been focused on getting as much as I can healed so I can start my first day in.. well, six days now.  Things are going well and even with the challenges I’m looking to be on track.

Time for pain meds, good air conditioning, and a soft bed.  Lacking that the shower feels nice…

Travel plans update..

Ah, travel by the way of hospital.

So I’ve been sick on and off the past week. I don’t know what’s been causing it, but maybe stress or maybe nerves or maybe meds or the thought of the potatoes in Idaho eating me, I don’t know. in either case, I think today is the day I finally start on the road.

Today my plans are to stop over in Kings Valley and grab a few things out of the RV and get it ready for sale and/or disposal, probably after I stop over in Veneta and visit a certain little black kitty before I head out. Tonight I plan on being in Portland.

Monday I’m going to start taking it slow. I want to try to see if Halsey Automotive has a part I need for the van before I begin the long trek, and I’m still recovering from the dental surgery I had on Friday, so I need to take it as easy as possible. The plan was to meet a few folks for lunch in Bend Tuesday, and then start the long drive to Boise and pick up I-84.

From there, SLC to Cheyenne to Denver. We’ll post more updates as we go. Stay tuned to Twitter for live updates as I can.

Thoughts on moving forward..


So, here’s the general picture of what’s going on. TL;DR: more content going on, G+ and Twitter, less Facebook. Moving to Denver regardless of outcome. Computer access may be sporadic.

First off, note that this is posted on and shared (usually via IFTTT scripts, YAY IFTTT!) out to Facebook. This will likely be the method that I’ll post big stuff moving forward. A few people I know don’t use Facebook at all (for various reasons), a lot of people use Facebook begrudgingly, and we won’t even go into the problems of Facebook “disappearing” content that for whatever reason they (or one of their algorithms) don’t like. Point is stuff of major magnitude will be here on

Less important stuff (random musings and “check this crap out” will likely be on G+ from now on. Brain farts and emotional belches will continue to be on Twitter. Ok, that’s out of the way.

I’m moving to Denver, maybe on a permanent basis. I’ve come to the conclusion that Oregon is a wonderful place, and I still love it here, but there’s no opportunity for me. I get lots of pings on jobs in Denver, and there seems to be lots of opportunity regardless of where this job goes. And Denver puts me a 4-hour airline flight from a LOT of places. So I’m moving forward with Denver regardless of what happens from now on.

I don’t know exactly how I’m doing this if the job doesn’t come through, but.. well, I honestly don’t care. I’m going to make this happen, it seems I’ll have some level of success there no matter what road I take. Go East Young Man!

So as a result of this move, I may have sporadic use of a real computer until I start some kind of job. Over the weekend I got rid of a LOT of old machines when I cleaned out the storage unit, and I’m pretty much from this point on depending on my iMac desktop machine as my main computer. My entire life is sitting on hard drives connected to my desktop Mac, and I’ve deliberately been warehousing old data on that machine. At some point I’d like to make a copy of this but for now this will do.

As everything is on the iMac (it’s named “astarte” for reference) and I’m preparing it for transport, I’ll be using my Windows gaming machine (named “Atlas”) as the daily driver for a bit. As such, I don’t have access to a lot of archival material, and even more so many projects are on hold until further notice. On a plus side, “atlas” is beefy enough to run virtual machines just perfectly, and I’ve been playing with Debian VMs on a portable file system and enjoying how that works.

I’ll probably post something a little bit later on about travel plans in a separate post…

Next Station Stop: Denver

So I can officially announce this now that I’ve gotten an offer letter.

I will be moving to Denver, Colorado.  I got a Systems Engineer job with Charter.

There’s lots of mixed emotions about all of this.  Oregon has been my adopted home now for well over a decade, and I’ve made lots of friends here.. in Portland, in Bend, and even down here in Eugene.  A lot of people have helped me along the way get to the point where taking a job like this was even possible.

Over a year ago I struggled to even perform basic functions of life.  I was very sick, so sick that I didn’t realize at the time how close I was to having a life-ending heart attack.  As it is I had an “inferior myocardial infarction”, which is about as close as you want to get to a chest-grabbing-fall-to-the-ground-call-911-as-seen-on-Emergency! heart attack.  I’ve struggled through the last year with a lot of help from friends, and even some begrudging help from enemies.

Denver wouldn’t have been my first choice.  Staying here in the Cascadian Republic with my trees, rivers, rain, and gas station attendants would have been my ideal choice.  But believe me, the offer to move to Denver is substantial: enough money for me to be financially independent again, and maybe even pay back some of the debts I owe in time.  And while not my beloved Portland (or even my “Portland substitute” in Eugene) there are trees, and mountains, and rivers.  There isn’t nearly as much rain, and no friendly (?) gas station attendants..

There are new friends and old ones waiting for me in Denver.  There are opportunities, boundless ones at first glance.  For the first time in years I’m excited for my future.  A bit scared, a but overwhelmed about the logistics of moving four cats, two RVs, and a storage unit of crapola across the Rockies.

But the darkness is giving way to light.  I see what I’m capable of, and I’m reaching for it.  This is a big step, but one that I think will pay rewards long term.


Hey everybody.

As a few of you know, I’m moving again. This time, in the same building: from the third to the first floor. I now have a 1 bedroom!

I need as much help as I can get getting stuff boxed up and just moved. There’s really not that much stuff, it’s just I can’t imagine myself going up and down the stairs the 100 or so times it would take to get everything moved. I have a friend coming by in the evening to help with the furniture-y bits.. I just need help moving stuff.

If you can help, please just stop by on Saturday after 10:00am, or call me. My address is 315 High Street in Oregon City. Push the buzzer for 105 and I’ll come let you in.

Thanks, in advance for the help.