It’s amazing!

I actually got something of a good night’s sleep last night!

I’ve been trying to get things done so I can have a proper sleep study and get a CPAP (or a BiPAP) machine and actually get some sleep at night. My cardiology team has helped that process along, and last night I had a sleep study that involved the use of a CPAP machine.

I actually am able to make it through my workday feeling somewhat alert and not fighting off the drowsies. And I can actually apply some brainpower and get a few things done.

The frustrating thing is it may be a few weeks until I have my own CPAP, and it is going to be hard to wake up the next few weeks after feeling what even a partial night of sleep can do for my overall attitude and mental strength.

Now I just have to clean all this goop from the electrodes out of my hair…