A New Future for the Mayonnaise Liberation Front

As a lot of you know, I have a largely derelict site over at the world needs more mayo, which used to be the blog site (and feedle.net was largely derelict). As I’ve been reworking a lot of my personal domains and trying to get a better handle of what I’m doing with them, I’ve come upon a new website idea.

I’ve been interested in the video game business for a long time. I’ve been playing games for an eternity (since there was such a thing, actually), and I’ve got a lot of opinions on the business. So, I’m going to start posting commentary on the video game industry over at the world needs more mayo. ┬áMy first post will be in a few days, and will largely deal with some commentary about E3 and the naming of the site.

Please feel free to comment and participate, especially if you agree with me about the state of the industry.